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Vitus Localization

An Orchard module containing a collection of features useful for localized or multilingual Orchard websites.

Vitus Culture Tokens

  • Useful anywhere where you can use tokens.
Token Sample Value
{Content.Culture} en-us
{Content.Culture.CultureName} en-us
{Content.Culture.ThreeLetterName} eng
{Content.Culture.TwoLetterName} en

Vitus Culture Projection Filters

  • Enables you to filter projections by either the current or a specified culture.

Vitus First Request Path Part Culture Selector

  • Useful for multilingual websites where the culture is determined by an URL convention.
Sample URL Selected Culture cs-cz en Default culture

Vitus Data Token Culture Selector

  • Similar to the previously mentioned selector but is used only if a custom (!) route is matched with a culture data token in it.

Vitus Culture Layer Rule

  • Adds a rule to require the current culture to be of some value.
Rule Explanation
culture("fr-CA") Matches only Canadian French
culture("fr*") Matches all French


  • As of Orchard version 1.6, culture tokens cannot be used in AutoroutePart because of an Orchard bug in the official Locatization module. I have already submitted a pull request to fix this (among other things), but it has not yet been reviewed nor approved.

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